Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?

  • Published: 23 February 2017
  • What shall we do once machines become conscious? Do we need to grant them rights?

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    Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if machines become conscious?

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    • Anon KSO
      Anon KSO  5 hours back

      I think they learning quick.5G was the begin.But we need more power,to change the World.

    • Mobile Pro
      Mobile Pro  3 weeks back

      Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell your merch is the likely mercy I would by from any YouTuber

    • ecogreen 123
      ecogreen 123  3 weeks back

      i think theres a difference to a smart appliance and a humanoid a.i. but im guessing we would have to give our robots (not our appliances) rights.....

    • Kirkology
      Kirkology  4 weeks back

      Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Gotta hand it to ya: 6:00 - 6:06 ; That line delivery and scene; Your scariest outro 👏🏽

    • Felix Hernandez
      Felix Hernandez  2 months back

      We'd probably be blown into smithereens after robot's learning history.

  • Anon KSO
    Anon KSO  5 hours back

    I think when you say to a humanoid Robot,come on we working hand in hand.Than i think we can living forever and make a good new world.But when you say : Oh this is a Machine,i think they kill us all.The world is quicker and quicker every day now.And once upon a time they reproduced themselfe.Say to this Humanoids,hey you are my Friend now and ready.And than i think nobody must be afraid.

    • Lindsay
      Lindsay  1 days back

      Talkie Toaster - "" you're a waffle man!""

      • wellnotme
        wellnotme  1 days back

        This is kind of the plot of Detroit: Become Human.

        • Crzzter Criss
          Crzzter Criss  1 days back

          All these good ass comments took my Detroit:become human jokes-

          • Booper Trooper
            Booper Trooper  1 days back

            BUTTER ROBOT

          • rutaka teki
            rutaka teki  1 days back

            3:37 hmmm no one noticed?

            • 2019 chillflix
              2019 chillflix  1 days back

              yep good to know. i hope robots stay robots. become our servants and treat us like pets :)

              • Purvi Patil
                Purvi Patil  2 days back

                R.I.P. Toaster
                Feb 23, 2017 - Feb 23, 2017

                • dennyleung111
                  dennyleung111  2 days back

                  I stepped on Lego because of
                  my nrve system

                  • Angelina Wolfe
                    Angelina Wolfe  3 days back

                    Yes. Having Consciousness is being alive even if it is a machine. A human being is a biological machine and it would be better to give a conscious machine that thinks like a human being rights like all else. Otherwise, when it surpasses humanity would they remember our cruelty to them?

                    • Driftliketokyo34 Ftw
                      Driftliketokyo34 Ftw  3 days back

                      I would like to have a toast like that. It’s so CUTE.

                      • Nobody
                        Nobody  3 days back

                        no, i actually not know what is conscience, and thats really gud that i was going about to suicide if i knew

                        • Bastion [Overwatch]
                          Bastion [Overwatch]  4 days back

                          Experience Tranquility

                          • Vedh Menon
                            Vedh Menon  4 days back

                            overwatch and adventure time references

                          • Leslie Page
                            Leslie Page  4 days back

                            I saw overwatch characters!

                            • Raghu Seetharaman
                              Raghu Seetharaman  5 days back

                              I'd rather give robots rights than use gender-neutral pronouns LOL

                              • Gloria Mitchell
                                Gloria Mitchell  5 days back

                                I have a toy robot at home

                                • halo 8888
                                  halo 8888  5 days back

                                  This is like what happens in Detroit: become human

                                  P.S I would love to have a toaster with conciousness

                                  • Cenzored
                                    Cenzored  5 days back

                                    Is 5:47 a reference to Westworld? Cuz I think it’s a reference to Dorothy, from Wesworld.

                                    • Tf2 Glitch spy
                                      Tf2 Glitch spy  5 days back

                                      5:38 hey look,
                                      it's BMO from adventure time

                                    • Just a Pucker
                                      Just a Pucker  5 days back

                                      The toaster is so cuteeeee

                                      • amany wahba
                                        amany wahba  5 days back

                                        Is that BMO

                                        • Ang Shing Kit
                                          Ang Shing Kit  6 days back

                                          Notice it say kill all hu- mans

                                          • Ang Shing Kit
                                            Ang Shing Kit  6 days back

                                            The sound of the feeling is sad and cute

                                            • Andrew Riggs
                                              Andrew Riggs  6 days back

                                              No disassemble! Johnny 5 is alive!

                                              • lemonsauce_
                                                lemonsauce_  6 days back

                                                That sounds like a good toaster

                                                • Kentity
                                                  Kentity  6 days back

                                                  3:34 overwatch

                                                  • The Original BFB Gamer

                                                    Yes but only one


                                                    • The Messenger of Peace

                                                      Thats how the omnic crisis started!

                                                      • Olu Smoke
                                                        Olu Smoke  7 days back


                                                        • OmG _
                                                          OmG _  7 days back

                                                          I'd say yeah..

                                                          • sqlurps
                                                            sqlurps  7 days back

                                                            I mean I already let my roomba do whatever it wants without disturbing it and apologize when I accidentally hit it soo...

                                                            • Jakvai
                                                              Jakvai  7 days back

                                                              I dunno if we'll be giving robot right but I'm pretty we're giving them lots of wrongs now.

                                                              • Liam Fiordalisi
                                                                Liam Fiordalisi  7 days back

                                                                poor toaster.

                                                                • John Ruben Saragi
                                                                  John Ruben Saragi  7 days back

                                                                  ALL robots must be FULLY under our control ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, AND ANYHOW. Intel Management Engine (IME) tries to ruin it.

                                                                  • The Genderless Medic
                                                                    The Genderless Medic  7 days back

                                                                    I believe robots deserve rights

                                                                    • ProtoTag Teaching
                                                                      ProtoTag Teaching  7 days back

                                                                      I mean, if the robots want rights then let 'em have them.
                                                                      It's not like they can easily take it by force through the power of superiour bodies and intellect or anything.

                                                                      • lesbian
                                                                        lesbian  1 weeks back

                                                                        we cant even treat each other with respect and equality then yall asking us that if robots deserve rights? i had to laugh

                                                                        • Jorge Moral Ruiz
                                                                          Jorge Moral Ruiz  1 weeks back

                                                                          Now I have more doubts than before. The video has not really answered the questions

                                                                          • 「ッ」【Natsuki なつき】

                                                                            *BMO **1:13*

                                                                            • Dragon Relm
                                                                              Dragon Relm  1 weeks back

                                                                              Bemo is in this video

                                                                              • Rio Rahmansyah
                                                                                Rio Rahmansyah  1 weeks back

                                                                                Watch it again after playing game nier:automata. Now it's getting more interesting

                                                                                • sWooshArts
                                                                                  sWooshArts  1 weeks back

                                                                                  2:32 that is how i feel when i step on a lego

                                                                                  • IVeon 07
                                                                                    IVeon 07  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Omg rick and Morty butter robot
                                                                                    Edit: OMG BMO

                                                                                    • Brett l
                                                                                      Brett l  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Respect any made thing.

                                                                                      • G Gaming
                                                                                        G Gaming  1 weeks back

                                                                                        Its a robot so no

                                                                                        • Alina Nechiporenko
                                                                                          Alina Nechiporenko  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Nope because that’s the point of robots. Well, maybe for interactive companion robots, but not more.