The next species of human | Juan Enriquez

  • Published: 17 February 2009
  • Even as mega-banks topple, Juan Enriquez says the big reboot is yet to come. But don't look for it on your ballot -- or in the stock exchange. It'll come from science labs, and it promises keener bodies and minds. Our kids are going to be ... different.

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  • chales dor
    chales dor  5 hours back

    Absolutely crap.... The fed takes in 11 trillion $ every year........ dumbass Americans

    • chales dor
      chales dor  5 hours back

      The Christian God Jesus is Satan the devil and he is not coming back... Christians worship Satan with a human sacrifice of Jesus to Satan... you've been deceived... repent accept Jahovah an do good works.

      • Matt Hoppe
        Matt Hoppe  7 hours back

        You know the earth has been in constant temperature fluctuations even before Humans were here. There is actually NO data that links Humans to Global Warming. It only Correlates. but it isn't cause and effect

        • J Liz
          J Liz  24 hours back

          So 10 years later.......🤔

          • John Rapp
            John Rapp  1 days back

            It's 2019. The permafrost is melting, the Arctic will be ice-free very soon, 2 degrees C is locked in for 2050. No one is going to Mars, no one is going to use this new technology. The rich may have some of this at their disposal, but they will not survive the wrath of the doomed populace. Nearly everyone will be chasing rats for dinner. That is the future.

          • GuitarZombie
            GuitarZombie  2 days back


            • voidremoved
              voidremoved  2 days back

              make sure you install a volume dial. This world is getting so noisy you don't want super hearing. You will probably evolve without eardrums.

              • Michael Hursh
                Michael Hursh  2 days back

                this is a good talk, get him back.

                • TheEVEInspiration
                  TheEVEInspiration  2 days back

                  People that are deaf and now begin to hear....we should apply this tech to democrats and the governing rich alike!

                  • LectronCircuits
                    LectronCircuits  3 days back

                    A decade on, still an awesome presentation. Cheers!

                    • Shubbit the fubbick ubbip!!!

                      Just from the pic, he's early.

                      • Mike Ferron
                        Mike Ferron  3 days back

                        I hope the "don't collect SS early" thing was a joke. That is a personal decision based on many factors. I took mine at age 63 after working physical jobs full time since I was 17. 46 years of hard work. Don't know about you but to me that is plenty. 46 years of paying into social security.

                        Dad died at age 49 and never got a dime. Mom died at age 60. never got a dime. Somehow though I am suppose to feel bad about not working full time until I am 66. (I still work part time, still contributing toward SS.

                        How about going after the folks who collect on exaggerated disabilities? How about tracking down the millions of undocumented who live and work here, not paying back a dime into the system? All the employers who pay under the table? Oh! all the money wasted on bullshit wars and foreign aid?

                        Damn we could make quite the list. Lets not beat up on those who collect before 66 ok? Read the obituaries folks. Lots of folks die in their 60's. Lets have a few easy years before we croak. We have made the rich wealthy enough already.

                        • Delbert Osborne
                          Delbert Osborne  3 days back

                          You are putting the Social Security Problem on those who pay into Social Security 😕 Why not address the real problem with Social Security 🤔 The Millions that are receiving Social Security that haven't payed into it😏 Why not set up a Department that takes care of that group and leave Social Security for those who payed into it😉

                          • jun tj
                            jun tj  2 days back

                            You know somebody thats benefiting? Its hard enough to prove your eligible. Come on man.

                        • airplane george
                          airplane george  3 days back

                          so now 10 years later where is all this really cool stuff.?

                          • DayLite Raps
                            DayLite Raps  3 days back

                            No ...

                            • CaptivatingClips
                              CaptivatingClips  3 days back

                              Good video but the information on social security seems incorrect according to the social security website. Google social security life expectancy for more info if this link does not work:

                              • Goury Gubekochi
                                Goury Gubekochi  4 days back

                                The reason entitlements are called entitlements is that you've paid for it your whole life, you are entitled to your social security and medicaid. If the USA didn't spend so much dropping bombs on people oversee it might just have money for its own citizens like every other develloped country (most of which have even more entitlements just because they can actually pay for it (like free healthcare for all)).

                                • Selous Scout Rhodesians

                                  What a stupid thing. Honestly

                                  • Mitchell Sheppard
                                    Mitchell Sheppard  5 days back

                                    The body can not live without the spirit.

                                    • Mitchell Sheppard
                                      Mitchell Sheppard  2 days back

                                      @Joe Coolioness I know you do not have full control over your body brother. Your eyes see what I am writing and you believe not? One day your body will lay spiritless brother and your body dead. I assure you that what has appeared was not created by what appears.

                                    • Joe Coolioness
                                      Joe Coolioness  2 days back

                                      Define spirit? I haven't heard anything close to convincing that we have a "spirit".

                                  • Benjamin Falzon
                                    Benjamin Falzon  5 days back

                                    How do the governments borrow vasts amount of money from other countries, when every country is in debt? I've always thought that the debt was paid back from trade exports such as minerals and other products.
                                    I've asked the same question to an economist I once met, she told to me that the money doesn't really exist. Was she correct?

                                    • Benjamin Falzon
                                      Benjamin Falzon  5 days back

                                      Santa Clause is the economy. Santa teaches us how to waste our money when we are just toddlers, then from little things {the Children and our spending} big things grow.

                                      • Jake Mullins
                                        Jake Mullins  7 days back

                                        It’s 2019 and our economy is roaring thanks to Donald Trump! Obama weakened the US for 8 years!

                                        • Peter Barjona
                                          Peter Barjona  7 days back

                                          I thought you were doing well until you mentioned the clown Darwin.

                                          • codyjones109
                                            codyjones109  7 days back

                                            Great talk so simple to understand. genetic engineering of humans in Europe you can select your future childs traits and abilities LIke IQ base or hair color gender and its increasing!! So you choose your kid from a menu!

                                            • codyjones109
                                              codyjones109  7 days back

                                              Its the new modern Finance. Its mystical and very complicated. You gotta use smoke and mirrors and lots grease.

                                              • ScottCantDance
                                                ScottCantDance  6 days back

                                                Every nation gets a Central Bank so S****o can control it.

                                            • Paul hornet
                                              Paul hornet  1 weeks back

                                              OR have a realistic tax policy, remember kids trickle down economics doesn't work, period.

                                              • Timothy Sheridan
                                                Timothy Sheridan  1 weeks back

                                                America is dying. See below

                                                • Timothy Sheridan
                                                  Timothy Sheridan  1 weeks back

                                                  The globe desperately needs:
                                                  2 child per family incentives.
                                                  repatriation is sensitive to latitude and hemisphere of natural origin.
                                                  White Northern Christians now need government protection, from the semitist movement which pays black and other non-white people to multiply four times faster than they do. Under what scenario does a family having four times as many kids need any help at all? Black people are thriving white people are dying out because their government was infected by people who hate white non-Jews.

                                                  • Timothy Sheridan
                                                    Timothy Sheridan  1 weeks back

                                                    in 2009 the economy was wrecked, because Google delivered to Christian businesses in 2008 and I was one of them. Of course Wikipedia has been consistently racist and promotes only Jews had a few equatorial people. The white Christian northern people have purchased a society is so peaceful that they have forgotten how to protect themselves from the equatorial invasion which is been going on since time immemorial. The Moorish invasion of spam has been replaced by the North African invasion of Europe.In the United States the entire population of Mexico will be here in 75 years, during which time the 57 million Mexicans already in America will quadruple, for a total of about 1.2 billion Equatorial is invading The white Christian north.

                                                    • Aaron Wright
                                                      Aaron Wright  1 weeks back

                                                      well hes not wrong

                                                      • bigbangnone
                                                        bigbangnone  1 weeks back

                                                        REMOVE DEMOCRATS IN 2020 !!!!

                                                        • chethe bandit
                                                          chethe bandit  1 weeks back

                                                          Wow frist time i heard him talk. Man i hope hes safe. Love the facts he gave

                                                          • bonob0123
                                                            bonob0123  1 weeks back

                                                            He blames the stimulus and entitlement spending yet: 2.4 trillion on iraq war, god knows how much in Afghanistan (longest war in US history) followed by Bush tax cuts and Trump taxcuts benefiting almost entirely rich ppl. The bailout of the banks can be debated but the stimulus and auto bailouts were resoundingly successful. Stimulus kicked off the longest economic expansion in US history and the auto loans are repaid (with interest) while saving the us car industry. Don't you dare put this on the backs of average person's healthcare and retirement while ignoring wasteful taxcuts, wars.

                                                            • Tim Singleton
                                                              Tim Singleton  1 weeks back

                                                              1:18 is the best thing I have seen online in I don't know how long, maybe the funniest, MOST TRUE thing I have seen yet.

                                                              • Dickjan Schipper
                                                                Dickjan Schipper  1 weeks back

                                                                Love to get an update to 2019

                                                                • Mark blume Schmidt
                                                                  Mark blume Schmidt  1 weeks back

                                                                  8:12 #[email protected]:wheretodownload.???!!!

                                                                  • Love & Division
                                                                    Love & Division  1 weeks back

                                                                    Charles Darwin...LOL

                                                                    • mick blather
                                                                      mick blather  1 weeks back

                                                                      I don't care if I am the last human who has to die, I'm sick of all the fighting about who has THE BEST idea. Fucckit, I'm ready for a nice, long nap. Wake me up when you get it figured out.

                                                                    • Frank Cowan
                                                                      Frank Cowan  1 weeks back

                                                                      I thought all of our teeth were in our heads when we are born.

                                                                      • Natalie Wilson
                                                                        Natalie Wilson  2 weeks back

                                                                        The time when you go to a hospital and there is a department for bionic limbs or growing your own lungs so you may have a new pair, or a brain coz you has dementia. The time when men an women who loose their hair but can grow more. 2019 now an i'm in agony yet the useless doctors where i live don't want to rush to find what is wrong or even try. Nevermind all this new stuff, lets please get the UK nhs sorted out...where is the NI contributions going from everyone?

                                                                        • Jay Bee
                                                                          Jay Bee  2 weeks back

                                                                          Airlines bailout coming soon....... Again

                                                                          • ytg50162011
                                                                            ytg50162011  2 weeks back

                                                                            Good video...but Oscar Pistorius reference did not age well....

                                                                          • Al Senior
                                                                            Al Senior  2 weeks back

                                                                            Juan, have you been talking to Elon Musk? The two of you give me hope, though I'm going to turn 80 next month! Is all this good news too late for me?

                                                                            • Marty Mcmannis
                                                                              Marty Mcmannis  2 weeks back

                                                                              Lies and more lie's.

                                                                              • MT Debris
                                                                                MT Debris  2 weeks back

                                                                                I like to close my eyes and imagine the guy speaking is thomas lennon from Reno 911

                                                                              • Jan Sitkowski
                                                                                Jan Sitkowski  2 weeks back

                                                                                "CUT SPENDING!" of course, sure.Then people will riot in the streets, because you don't get into hospitals.

                                                                                • Gary Swank
                                                                                  Gary Swank  2 weeks back

                                                                                  sad this guy is so lost. And teaching this crap of lies

                                                                                  • Bruno Briseño
                                                                                    Bruno Briseño  2 weeks back

                                                                                    I loved this guy humor as his speech