TWICE「Breakthrough」Music Video

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • JAPAN 5th SINGLE『Breakthrough』
    2019.07.24(wed) Release!

    【いい音楽で一度、素晴らしいパフォーマンスで二度魅了させる】と言う意味を持つ、Asia No.1最強

    7月17日(水)JAPAN 4th SINGLE『HAPPY HAPPY』(読み方:はっぴーはっぴー)は太陽と月の2つの相反する「光」をコンセプトにTWICEらしさ全開のカラフルで爽やかな夏の昼を表現した「太陽」がモチーフ。
    7月24日(水)JAPAN 5th SINGLE『Breakthrough』(読み方:ぶれいくするー)はネオン輝く中で洗練されたダークの衣装を身にまとい、日本の作品として今までにないクールな夏の夜を表現した「月」がモチーフ。





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Comments • 58 593

  • Jesse Alarcon
    Jesse Alarcon  5 less than a minute back

    last time when i saw this mv it only had 377 thousand views

    • Comstone TV
      Comstone TV  3 minutes back

      I was thinking when they release Japanese MV they making a Comeback after that and release as Soon

      • 제티요정
        제티요정  4 minutes back

        쯔위는 표정좀 다양하게 지어줬으면 좋겠다
        항상 거의 모든 표정이 무표정인거같아...

        • Haruna Lala
          Haruna Lala  6 minutes back

          Sexys y cute las princesas del kpop

          • miki hatori
            miki hatori  6 minutes back

            와 지효랑 정연 장난아니다. 컨셉소화력 최고네 두명이 제일 눈에 확들어옴

            • Liesah 2605
              Liesah 2605  6 minutes back

              Top 10 trending in Malaysia ,since This mv release congrats twice ♥️🌹

              • Larry Lorenzo
                Larry Lorenzo  13 minutes back

                Str3am well

                • Army Armyblue
                  Army Armyblue  14 minutes back

                  loved it soooo much one of the Japanese songs and few that I looove to them

                  • Larry Lorenzo
                    Larry Lorenzo  14 minutes back


                    • Larry Lorenzo
                      Larry Lorenzo  14 minutes back


                      • Larry Lorenzo
                        Larry Lorenzo  14 minutes back


                        • Larry Lorenzo
                          Larry Lorenzo  14 minutes back


                          • Larry Lorenzo
                            Larry Lorenzo  14 minutes back


                            • lele boom
                              lele boom  15 minutes back

                              jihyo made me so goddamn gay like what the heck

                              • PAKALOLO ZERO
                                PAKALOLO ZERO  15 minutes back

                                mcm bodoh je lagu ni...

                                • Cookie kookie
                                  Cookie kookie  20 minutes back

                                  Say say DON'T GIVE UP 😎

                                  • Maxwell Mwangi
                                    Maxwell Mwangi  25 minutes back

                                    This is my favorite Twice song..i wish it was also in Korean and English as well..its even bettet than Fancy for those who were hoping for a Twice comeback without the sweetness even though that's what they're known for

                                    • zahraa Dream
                                      zahraa Dream  26 minutes back

                                      Thrice : twice only can do cute things

                                      *Momo : hold my wowo*

                                      • zahraa Dream
                                        zahraa Dream  27 minutes back

                                        Thrice : twice only can do cute things

                                        *MOMO QUEEN : Hold my body*

                                        *Once : ♡~♡ woo wowo*

                                        • zahraa Dream
                                          zahraa Dream  28 minutes back

                                          Thrice : Twice only can do cute things

                                          *MOMO : hold my pink Lamborghini bi*ch*

                                          • Anneib 06
                                            Anneib 06  30 minutes back

                                            What song is your fav.?

                                            1 Like ooh ahh
                                            2 cheer up
                                            3 TT
                                            4 knock knock
                                            5 One more time
                                            6 BDZ
                                            7 Signal
                                            8 Likey
                                            9 Heart shaker
                                            10 Wake me up
                                            11 I want you back
                                            12 TT (JAPAN version)
                                            13 What is love
                                            14 Dtna
                                            15 The Best thing i ever did
                                            16 Yes or yes
                                            17 Say yes
                                            18 Fancy
                                            19 Happy Happy
                                            20 Breaktrough

                                            My Favoraite song is Breaktrough
                                            My Ranking

                                            1 Breaktrough
                                            2 Signal
                                            3 Like ooh ahh
                                            4 Knock Knock
                                            5 Happy Happy
                                            6 Dtna
                                            7 Fancy
                                            8 Likey
                                            9 Bdz
                                            10 Heart shaker
                                            11 One more time
                                            12 i want you back
                                            13 What is love
                                            14 TT
                                            15 TT (Japan version)
                                            16 TBTIED
                                            17 say yes
                                            18 yes or yes
                                            19 Cheer up
                                            20 wake me up

                                            • Kpop. Funny
                                              Kpop. Funny  31 minutes back

                                              11 June M/V
                                              12 June (24 Hours) 4.7 Million
                                              18 June 14.4 Million
                                              6 Days 17 Hours 50 Minute 9.7 Million

                                              Keep streaming Once
                                              Stream stream stream
                                              Pls Once
                                              Fighting 20 Million
                                              Let's Go

                                              • Kpop. Funny
                                                Kpop. Funny  17 minutes back

                                                @JM Lopez Fighting🤟🤟

                                              • JM Lopez
                                                JM Lopez  18 minutes back

                                                50M let's go and then road to 100M and more...Fighting!!!

                                            • Thanh Khoa
                                              Thanh Khoa  36 minutes back

                                              I just can't stop repeating this song.

                                              • Daknight Cold
                                                Daknight Cold  37 minutes back

                                                THEY SNAPPED 👏🏾

                                                • 182atenasb
                                                  182atenasb  37 minutes back

                                                  Jihyo and Sana in the black costumes are beautiful and they fit the concept very well

                                                  • Assistant Kane
                                                    Assistant Kane  38 minutes back

                                                    Haters: Twice only do cute concept
                                                    Breakthrough: Hold my Watashiwa

                                                    • AKATUKI MORN
                                                      AKATUKI MORN  39 minutes back


                                                      • ムスカ大佐
                                                        ムスカ大佐  39 minutes back

                                                        もっと伸びるべき( ˙꒳​˙ )👍✨

                                                        • JM Lopez
                                                          JM Lopez  42 minutes back

                                                          Keep fighting ONCEs and don't forget to streaam Fancy and Happy Happy we are dropping in those mv's....Please? Thank u Onces!!!!

                                                          • puisi blacktan
                                                            puisi blacktan  42 minutes back


                                                            • puisi blacktan
                                                              puisi blacktan  42 minutes back


                                                              • puisi blacktan
                                                                puisi blacktan  42 minutes back


                                                                • puisi blacktan
                                                                  puisi blacktan  42 minutes back


                                                                  • puisi blacktan
                                                                    puisi blacktan  43 minutes back


                                                                    • a weird kpop stan
                                                                      a weird kpop stan  44 minutes back

                                                                      HAPPY HAPPY= REPLY
                                                                      Breakthrough= LIKE

                                                                    • a weird kpop stan
                                                                      a weird kpop stan  45 minutes back

                                                                      THE OUTFITS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                      • Dita Tour Madiun Group
                                                                        Dita Tour Madiun Group  46 minutes back

                                                                        I like

                                                                        • Riffiez Fuck
                                                                          Riffiez Fuck  48 minutes back


                                                                          • j0nnynoname
                                                                            j0nnynoname  49 minutes back

                                                                            AOA's Miniskirt vibes on this one

                                                                            • Nor Fara Azliza
                                                                              Nor Fara Azliza  51 minutes back

                                                                              Still tr3nding in Malaysia

                                                                              • JM Lopez
                                                                                JM Lopez  40 minutes back

                                                                                Philippines too...stay strong hehehehe

                                                                            • Anabelle Woon
                                                                              Anabelle Woon  53 minutes back

                                                                              TWICE NEVER FAILS TO AMAZE ME WIF THEIR NEW SONGS 😍❤ I luv this song soo much!

                                                                              • Silver Closet TV
                                                                                Silver Closet TV  58 minutes back

                                                                                THIS IS SO DAMN GOOD!!!!

                                                                                • Mad Master
                                                                                  Mad Master  60 minutes back

                                                                                  Anyone else accidentally turned their TV radio on and this was playing?

                                                                                  • Chatrine Tunadi
                                                                                    Chatrine Tunadi  1 hours back

                                                                                    Mina have many part of this song

                                                                                    • Ace and Ann
                                                                                      Ace and Ann  1 hours back

                                                                                      25th trending in Philippines ✨

                                                                                      Pilipino onces kita tayo sa June 29✨

                                                                                      • Twice Itzy
                                                                                        Twice Itzy  45 minutes back

                                                                                        Sana all may ticket😢

                                                                                    • Kimberly Paligsa Macabinguil

                                                                                      Still trending in PH 25

                                                                                      • Baby Boo
                                                                                        Baby Boo  1 hours back

                                                                                        Wth mina!! Pretty too much

                                                                                        • BTR KW
                                                                                          BTR KW  1 hours back

                                                                                          I Love twice!!,Who wanna have a girlfriend like she all???😘😍😍😅